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Heroes of The Pacific

Welcome to the Heroes of the Pacific WikiEdit

The leader of this wiki is The Necro Slayer Veteram but his name (me) was going to be Ace JFK. Imporve everything you see. The wiki was created in June 2011

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For anyone that looks to the planes F means a bronze star FF means to stars FFF means a silver 3 stars FFFF means 4 stars, or gold and Platinum Stat means 5 stars, M means med star FM means one and a med star FFM means two stars and a med one FFFM means three stars and a med one and MED PLATINUM STAT means 4 stars whit a med one. SUCK STAT means only a med star (0.5) NE W FEATURE! THE NEW PET OF THE WIKI: Mister Piggy NEW PAGE.

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