Crowe saying bye to Tom rescue.

Marianas campaign has only 2 missions, and the place where Ibuki Isihiro is found but not figth. In this campaign you unlock the P-60A Black Widow whitch can be really useful for later missions in Ace. These are the following missions in the Campaign:

Rescue Usurper:

In here you use a PBY-5 Catalina to rescue a vital person codename Usurper, when you head your objective, destroy the destroyers to rescue Usurper. After that a I400 will show up destroy because it can cause a big trouble to pass to the head point, if you deal whit it, it will make easy the next objective. If you pass or destroy it and head to the point you will face 2 H8K Emilys, when you had dealt whit it, head to the head point, land, and mission complete.

Final Revenge:

You use a F6F Hellcat or any fighter for this mission, repel all 7 waves of bombers and Dive Bombers, when you had repelled that 7 waves head to the Japenese fleet to destroy the Japenese cruiser Hiyo, destroy the 80 fighters, after that destroy Hiyo AA to destroy the Hiyo once and for all. When destroy the cruiser head to the head point, you will have grey smoke but only in the cutscenes, head a bit more. And finally all presion gone Ibuki Ishiro 2nd in command of the 13th Squadron, Crowe will automaticaly evade him, Tom appaers and saves Crowe. After that you land on the Enterprise and mission complete.