Sea Fire plane

"The Sea Spitfire was the Royal Navy first modern carrier fighter. Altough it had short range, the Sea Spitfire was fast and agile." Spitfire Description.

NEW! Platinum Med Stat and Platinum Stat is 5 stars and 4.5 stars and Suck Med Stat and Suck Stat is a med bronze star and only 1 bronze star. See F6F Hellcat for more stat info

Seafire 1st version stats:

Speed: FF

Agility: FFM

Armor: FF

Guns: FFM

Seafire 2nd version stats(upgraded only)

Speed: FFM

Agility: FFF

Armor: FFM

Guns: FFFF

Seafire last version stats(upgraded only)

Speed: FFF

The Seafire is a good all around plane, it can be used on every mission if know to handle its agility and weapons.

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