My memories as pilot of Heroes of the Pacific and my favourite the rocket engine fighters of the Germans and Japanese and wow those missions are exciting and the fierce fighters of the Hawker Hurricane,Curtis P-38 fighters.Machine guns are awesome and attacking warships and recon is fun.Heroes of the Pacific is great in the base raids and you should be able to control your carrier landings with Konami from NES to make Heroes of the Pacific.And NAMCO with Heroes of the Pacific.And from Civilizations as the Japanese.Attack tanks The fighter waves, I would say that there are many WW fighter games and we should be able to have weapons packs.Buy them and go up and to airshow.Propellor planes in Ace Combat,trainer.And to fly higher at any level,more board freedoms and freedoms to the fleet and own carrier and bases.To station at a base for a slew of missions and to choose carrier and base.And to use bomberfortress.Mustangs and Hellcats. More scenes for the Europe game in the Atlantic.Attack warships,subs.Tropical jungles and mountains,the terrain in Ace Combat that fighters and planes are in travel in.Cities and suburbs,Heroes of the Pacific fly over Australia,coastal Canada,China and Hong Kong,Indochina,military base islands.

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